#Installing Required OS Packages and Components
sudo yum groupinstall 'Development and Creative Workstation'
sudo yum groupinstall 'Additional Develpment'
sudo yum groups mark install "Compatibility Libraries"
sudo yum groupinstall 'Development Tools' --setopt=group_package_types=mandatory,default,optional
sudo yum groupinstall 'Platform Development'
sudo yum groupinstall 'Python'
sudo yum groups mark install "Virtualization Hypervisor"

sudo dmidecode -t bios  
cat /proc/cpuinfo   
cat /etc/redhat-release 
cat /proc/version   

tar -zxf a10_gx_pac_ias_1_1_prq_rte_installer.tar.gz -C /opt/sysoft/
cd /opt/sysoft/a10_gx_pac_ias_1_1_prq_rte_installer/
mkdir /opt/sysoft/intelrtestack_1.1

cd ../intelrtestack_1.1/

wget -c
cp a10_gx_pac_ias_1_1_pv_eth.patch a10_gx_pac_ias_1_1_pv/hw/
cd a10_gx_pac_ias_1_1_pv/hw/
patch -s -p0 < a10_gx_pac_ias_1_1_pv_eth.patch 

#安装OPAE Framework 
sudo yum install gcc gcc-c++ cmake make autoconf automake libxml2 libxml2-devel json-c-devel boost ncurses ncurses-devel ncurses-libs boost-devel libuuid libuuid-devel python2-jsonschema doxygen hwloc-devel libpng12 rsync
#1 Install the FPGA driver
  a Remove any previous version of the OPAE framework
    sudo yum remove opae*.x86_64
  b Install the Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux (EPEL):
    #sudo yum install epel-release
  c Change to the OPAE installation software directory:
    cd /opt/sysoft/intelrtestack_1.1/a10_gx_pac_ias_1_1_pv/sw/
  d Install the driver:
    sudo yum install opae-intel-fpga*.rpm
#2 Install the latest OPAE framework:
    sudo yum install opae*.rpm
#3 Update dynamic linker run-time bindings:
    sudo ldconfig
#4 Check the Linux kernel installation:
    lsmod | grep fpga

#5 Verify your library installation:
    ls /usr/lib64/libopae-c* -l
#Run the fpgainfo tool to identify the FIM currently loaded
    sudo fpgainfo fme
cd ..
rm -rf a10_gx_pac_ias_1_1_pv_rte_installer/


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