source ~/.bashrc.cuda-8.0
cd /home/train/data/hic_data/project/hic-pro_old
mkdir hiccupdiff
cd hiccupdiff/
ln -sv ~/data/hic_data/project/hic-pro_old/hiccups/outdir/PRAD.hic 22Rv1a.hic
ln -sv ~/data/hic_data/project/hic-pro_old/hiccups-RWPE1/outdir/PRAD.hic RWPE1d.hic
ln -sv ~/data/hic_data/project/hic-pro_old/hiccups-RWPE1/hiccups_results/merged_loops.bedpe RWPE1d_merged_loops.bedpe
ln -sv ~/data/hic_data/project/hic-pro_old/hiccups/hiccups_results/merged_loops.bedpe 22Rv1a_merged_loogs.bedpe
java -jar /opt/biosoft/juicer/scripts/common/juicer_tools.jar hiccupsdiff -m 2048 -k KR RWPE1d.hic 22Rv1a.hic RWPE1d_merged_loops.bedpe 22Rv1a_merged_loogs.bedpe diff_loop


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