tar -xf Gaussian16/G16-A03-AVX2.tbz -C /opt/biosoft/
cd /opt/biosoft/g16/
export g16root=/opt/biosoft
mkdir /opt/biosoft/g16/scratch
export GAUSS_SCRDIR=/opt/biosoft/g16/scratch/
source /opt/biosoft/g16/bsd/g16.profile
vim /opt/biosoft/g16/Default.Route
-M- 30GB
-P- 16
./bsd/install #必须在g16路径下如:/opt/biosoft/g16
chmod 750 -R *
tar -xf gv6.tar.bz2 -C /opt/biosoft/g16/gv
export PATH=/opt/biosoft/g16/gv/:$PATH


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