use wget when prefetch disabled (prefetch无法下载时,使用wget下载)

less -SN nohup.out | tail -n 40 | grep https:// | perl -e 'while(<>){chomp($_);$_=~/(https:.*)/;print $1."\n"}'| sed 's/^/wget\t-c\t-t\t0\t/g' | perl -e 'while(<>){chomp;my @arr=split(/\t/,$_);my @temp=split(/\//,$arr[4]);my $id=pop(@temp);$id=~/(\S+)\.\d/;print $_."\t"."-O ".$1.".sra"."\n";}' | sed 's/\t/ /g' >>
cat | while read id ;do (nohup $id &);done
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